Is Tesla's Stock on the Verge of a Bull Run? Analysis and Forecast for April 2023

Tesla's Stock


Are you a trader looking to invest in Tesla's stock in April 2023? If so, you're in the right place. In this blog post, we'll provide you with a detailed analysis of Tesla's stock performance in the past month, its recent price cuts, and its upcoming first-quarter earnings. We'll also provide you with a TSLA stock forecast, and an analysis of the support and resistance zones that traders should keep an eye on.

Tesla's Recent Price Cuts and Its Effect on Gross Margins

On April 12, 2023, Tesla's stock fell by 3.4%, its worst performance in three weeks. The reason for the slump was attributed to Tesla's announcement that it was cutting prices in Hong Kong, indicating soft demand. This move will significantly impact Tesla's gross margins in the future. Hong Kong outlets reported that Tesla would cut prices for its Model 3 Performance by 14.7% in China. Its long-range Model 3 would see an 11% cut, while Model Y prices were cut by 9%. The cuts came into effect on April 15. However, CEO Elon Musk believes that these price cuts will help Tesla remain competitive in China, one of the best markets globally.

TSLA Stock Forecast

Despite Tesla's recent price cuts, analysts predict that its stock could rebound soon. Since the initial slump, Tesla's stock has rebounded by around 1.2%. Pundits predict that Tesla's stock will reach $201.58 by May 2023, and momentum trading shares will be mainly bullish for the remainder of the month. The pessimistic target is $184.07, while the optimistic target is $218.21. The potential monthly volatility is estimated at 15.649%.

TSLA Stock Analysis

Over the past month, Tesla shares have had a significant trading range of $176.11 to $207.79, indicating high market volatility. Currently, the stock is trading near the low end of this range, suggesting a possible bearish trend in the coming weeks. However, the support zone for the shares spans from $172.91 to $173.43, indicating a possible price support level for traders looking for a long-term hold. On the other hand, the resistance zone for TSLA stock is $188.81 to $192.62, hinting at a resistance level that TSLA stock must overcome to maintain an upward trend.

Tesla's Upcoming First-Quarter Earnings and Wall Street Consensus

Investors are eagerly awaiting Tesla's first-quarter earnings on April 19, 2023. Analysts expect Tesla to earn $0.85 in adjusted EPS on revenue of $23.38 billion. However, delivering for the first quarter was below market predictions, and analysts have cut EPS estimates for Q1 14 times. Investors will be carefully watching two key metrics during the earnings call: Automotive gross margins, excluding credits and leases, and reported Automotive gross margins released with earnings.

Based on various factors, analysts give TSLA stock a buy consensus rating. Only a minority lean towards a strong sell.


Tesla's recent price cuts have caused a slump in its stock price, but analysts predict that it could rebound soon. Traders should keep an eye on the support and resistance. On the Apex Markets trading platform, traders can stay up-to-date on the latest stock analysis and make informed trading decisions.

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