Banking Crisis or Market Boom?

Expert Analysis on US Dollar, Crypto, and Gold March 20-25, 2023

Banking Crisis or Market Boom?

Current Economic Conditions: Decline in the Stock Market

The stock market has undergone a painful decline since its peak in December 2021, with many specific names experiencing significant drops from their highs. Despite a strong start to 2023, investment portfolios are still likely in the red. However, there is still hope for finding profitable market trends with the help of real-time market news and technical and fundamental analysis from Apex Markets.

US Dollar Forecast

The Federal Reserve's policy decision for March, set to be announced on Wednesday, will provide valuable insight into the future of the dollar. The market is leaning toward an interest rate increase of 0.25%, which would bring borrowing costs to the highest level since 2007. However, recent events, such as the falling of banks and cracks in the system, have demonstrated the possibility of unexpected and unwelcome information arising. A pause in increasing rates is still a possibility, and the Federal Reserve may choose to take a cautious "wait and see" stance toward the economy. Despite this uncertainty, the conditions are ripe for dovish guidance from the central bank, which could lead to a deterioration in the DXY index (USD) if rate hikes are paused.

Crypto: Is BTC a Haven?

Bitcoin has seen a significant increase in value, with its market capitalization gaining 66% year-to-date and surpassing the stocks of Wall Street banks. The fear of a global banking crisis is growing, leading to increased volatility and positive inflows of capital to decentralized platforms and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, as the main beneficiary with the largest market cap and most popular among investors, is likely to experience continued volatility in the week ahead. Traders can capitalize on strong movements resulting from the continued breakdown of trust in banking ecosystems and lack of trust in regulators.

Gold: A Gold Rush or Defensive Liability?

Gold prices (XAUUSD) have climbed higher, with lower yields on US Treasury securities and an increase in people seeking safe investments. However, the turmoil in the banking sector remains, and the fear is that the crisis may spread rather than be contained if top banks band together to help a troubled peer bank. As a result, assets used for defense, including gold, are likely to benefit. A bullish bias is likely to persist in the gold market, and gains could be significant if the Fed decides to pause its tightening cycle.


With the current economic conditions, there is both potential for a banking crisis and a market boom. Expert analysis on the US Dollar, crypto, and gold can help investors navigate these uncertain times and find profitable market trends. The Fed's policy decision for March and the continued breakdown of trust in banking ecosystems and regulators are expected to impact the markets and provide opportunities for investment. As investors, it is crucial to stay informed, make informed decisions, and take advantage of market moves.Visit Apex Markets to start trading forex, stocks, cryptocurrency, and more under the best conditions.